Two shirts from the 70’s that I’m determined to wear again.
Belts from the 70’s that are still cool.
Enough black con tees to equip a regiment.
A pirate coat and shirt and boots…
A 1960’s velvet shirt that—oh, dear, I’m not sure I have the nerve to wear.
Now, mind, we moved up here in 2000, and moved to this house in 2007, so these have survived several culls.
Mostly—a lot of shortsleeved tees that don’t do well in snow…but are good for intervening in the fish tank. I can do with fewer of them on hangers.
Sweatshirts: those that say ‘halloween’ and that come with poinsettias are going into storage for a bit.

This goes into a giant Rubbermaid fliptop that will get revisited in early spring, when tees become the mode of dress. And the sweatshirts will go in, the tees will come out.

I love my room. But it is only about 13’x 14′, and with a queen bed and an armchair, two small drawer-chests and a trunk—it’s small. My closet is about 64″ wide, and there are just limits. I do have a window with a lovely view of the pond—it’s where I sit in my mini-armchair recliner and work. But there are some aspects my room shares with a space capsule—and storage is huge—well, a huge *problem,* that is. Both chests are stuffed. The trunk is stuffed. I have an AC register and an AC return that can’t have furniture up against them. I’ve measured every which way, and I don’t think I can do better than the arrangement I have, which means I have 1 foot between my bed and my chair and 2.3 feet on the other side, where chest #1 is. Furniture? Not so much. Everything in here is modular: baskets in wooden shelves; a bed that breaks down to an inflatable bag inside foam and a cover, and a base that breaks into 4 pieces held together by a quilted cover. So it’s not what you’d call high decor. And it’s real easy to move—if there were any other possible arrangement. It’s sort of like a Rubick’s Cube, however: there’s only one right answer…and that’s pretty well where things are, unless I want to give up my seat by the window, and that’s a no-go.

But I have a mantra: I am not a teenager living in one room…I have a house with a basement. I have other storage. I think the next thing that gets consigned to a Rubbermaid box is most of the contents of these drawers.

The good news is, I now have empty hangers.