I get to sit in the waiting room.
Fun…not so much.
It’s been nearly a year since we bought it. 2000 miles we’ve put on it. And we’re getting about 45 mpg on the highway and more than 50-something in town. We were filling the Forester’s 15 gallon tank once a week or so. This 10 gallon tank gets filled far less often. It gets roughly twice the mileage of the Forester. There’s slightly more overhead room and more cargo space than the Forester. It stops on a dime. It rolls forever on a downhill and gathers speed amazingly. It has killer ac and heating that come on very fast. People sometimes think that a hybrid is going to be a slug at a stoplight. I don’t jack-rabbit because it wastes gas, but the car moves out pretty well without that. It’s fun to drive, kind of a never-ending video game…but you need to watch the road, not the readout. We still love driving it.

The downside of the Prius is that it’s a bit bumpy on rough roads, being so light, and it stops on a dime. You don’t want to hit a speed bump hard. You don’t brake hard on this car: for one thing, the brakes are part of the recharge system, and shouldn’t be abused. For another, nobody but a hybrid can stop that short, including the guys behind you. And it gathers so much speed on a downhill with no power that you have to brake repeatedly to prevent breaking speed limits. Following cars don’t always understand this.

I was amused in the early days of hybrids when a Prius was chased down by a California sheriff at speeds over a hundred. Sales of Priuses increased amazingly nationwide after that.