One of the things that is becoming quite clear…is that the accumulation of stuff we bought that we now know is not going to be useful, but it’s good stuff—is a problem.

The Methodists are having a garage sale. And looking at the small pile of stuff for that sale that is going to put roofs over the heads of nice people—y’know, that little pile was the nucleus of what had become a Rubik’s Cube problem of space in the office—you keep moving it, to get space, but it fills up another space, and it never gets better. Yank out that nucleus of utterly useless (but good!) ‘stuff’, and the entire office becomes manageable. I am going to apply this theory to the kitchen shelves and the basement. We agree we are NOT looking to move. We have moved 3 times in 7 years, and each time we acquired (and kept!) ‘stuff’ that was appropriate to our needs in the place we moved TO. And didn’t shed ‘stuff’ we didn’t need where we were going…that was the big mistake.

It’s time to shed some ‘stuff’ for a good cause and clear some storage shelves.