Beautiful to watch. Nasty to drive in. Wet snow and 100 wrecks and rollovers in the area. WE live on a short street between two arterials, so WE get plowed every few hours. We have no problems.

Jane’s working away. I think I’ve finally made the breakthrough on this book—I usually veg in the evening and watch telly, but I started editing what I’d worked on all day. Jane went off to bed. I went to my room and worked until 1:30 AM, then slept and reworked it one more time from dawn til noon. I’m finally happy with it. It’s been a bear. And for a time this year I began to despair of finding the threads I want. Got ’em! I think the bombed-out look in the bathroom was bothering us both, and while doing something about it took some time, we feel so good! I think we were getting mold from the bombed-out mess, and of course it was worse when we were working trying to fix it. Now it’s clean and new and  beautiful and we’re just happy and charging ahead.