spoiler potential: caution: book questions.

Do not get into this page if you are trying to read a book. This is for after you’ve read it. Likewise follow the custom of putting a subject and then dropping down a number of lines to make it possible for a reader to duck out if they don’t want the information yet.

I will answer questions about pronunciation, etc, all the little questions I’m normally asked. I won’t discuss things that disturb my creative process, like where I’m going or such. You can theorize among yourselves.


  1. BlueCatShip

    It might be both a capacity or talent for being able to communicate those ways, and an interest or need to do so.

    Some people have a gift for certain subjects, but don’t pursue them. Some have an avid interest, but not the innate ability: they can still learn it and develop. Then you have some with both, where it comes naturally. Or some have talent and interest, but the opportunity doesn’t arrive for some life circumstance.

    I’d imagine it would work that way with the night-horses: Not every night-horse would want to bother with a human, and not every human might want to get involved with another species…of those humans who don’t think it’s all just some crazed fluffy notion, which some might.


    I’ve had good luck ordering used or new out-of-print books from Amazon, for instance. This is certainly a way to get backlist, out of print titles, or ones not currently on the shelf at your local book store.


    Uh…and unlikely as it may be…this might be worth a shot. — Robert Carroll, by any chance, do you have relatives from Oklahoma? Those two names are given names for a great grandfather and a great uncle, both long gone. — I’m going to presume it’s mere coincidence, but it’s a nice coincidence, if so.

  2. paul

    Chanur: Does anybody remember in which book, which part, it was revealed Kohan had been gored by an uruus trying to protect Hilfy?

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