Get another can of salmon paint from Benjamin Moore, a can of Vintage Apricot from Ace, get mouse eliminator for the garage (they’re back!) and food for stirfry, plus pick up the T-molding for the thresholds from United Flooring.

I head for the grocery, and am greeted by a dark store—and people with flashlights. Power is out. Apparently somebody hit a power pole, bad news for them and everybody in blocks and blocks. All the freezer and cold counters are wrapped in plastic, they’re STILL out of the bacon I want, and the vegetables are in an area remote from windows, where flashlights are the rule. Just as I finish veggie shopping, we get lights back, and I get bean sprouts, which have been drawn back for protection in the cold -locker.

On to Ace—and they’ve suffered the same, ditto flashlights—though four blocks on. Then I try to get to Benjamin Moore store, and Cyber Sally informs me there are two in British Columbia. Hello? I happen to know there is one somewhere south of me, about 10 blocks. So a phone call to Jane (I knew this would be a day, so I actually charged my cell phone) turned up the addy, and I got that. Then on to the flooring people, where we do have one of the orders, but the other will arrive in the afternoon.

Back home, we are getting wired—the ceiling, that is. I have been coughing for weeks because of the dust from mudding, but I think we are approaching the end of that. Then there is the issue of my lost glasses, which are being replaced, but I don’t have them yet, so work is a little difficult.

We can begin to see light at the end of the kitchen…but the cabinets will be the last thing to arrive. Life is a lot easier now that we have water in the kitchen, however, and I can cook.