This isn’t supposed to happen after St. Paddy’s Day.
It didn’t last long, however.
Supposed to get up to 50 today, but snow is not helping us get the pond warm!

I’m much better today. Yesterday evening the left ear decided to come online. Now, you would think this would improve the situation by half.

Nay. Having both inner ears reporting the same thing means that at least you can look at a horizon line like, say, the bottom of the wall, and keep both your wings on level…as t’were. But when one ear works and the other is still reporting freefall conditions, you tend to rather well pitch over. So it actually was worse.

However, I at least did not wake up totally floating in space, and I’ve had a few twinges, but I am no longer having to devote half my waking brain to keeping level and upright. So we are better

My big bag of baking soda ought to arrive today. I’ll be correcting pond chemistry forthwith, even if it’s chilly.