And poor Shu, excited perhaps by the storm, took a flying run to the tip top of his over 6′ tall cat tree—against the wall and beside the fireplace—only to have the connection for its topmost structure fail on him. Do him credit—he didn’t go for the mantel with all the fragiles, though the piece fell against it: he jumped clear entirely and bounded off a footstool.

We need to fix his favorite climbing toy. The Christmas ferris wheel/ice rink/merry go round have survived another season on the hearth—but if he has to find a new way up, I think it may imperil those. He is, despite many quirks, a very good kitteh.

Seishi was just quietly appalled. He’s sure somewhere in his previous lives he must have done something terrible and people will find it out and chase him. He tends to be a very anxious cat.

I note the house across the street is now losing its front gutter from the snow weight.

I think we are getting closer to calling out to order our groceries in—I’ve never used ‘delivery,’ but it is good and reasonable here granted you get enough to make it worth the trip. And we could.