1. joekc6nlx

    There was a note about perhaps skipping a year for ShejiCon in order to give CJ and Jane a break and to let them catch up on things.

    I was going to start saving up for the trip, especially the flight and hotel reservations, but don’t want to pressure anyone into thinking we have to do this. Especially just 2 months after the last ShejiCon.

  2. Teasel

    Joe: money saved up to do something fun is never a bad thing. Go for it!
    But we’ve got to let the dust settle a bit before a Shejicon VI discussion starts. Shejicon V was a perfect storm of things, not necessarily related to our invasion, guaranteed to exhaust, strees and ail our hostesses. Time is needed for nostalgia to set in.
    And for Shejicon VI we’ve GOT to get around to doing an actual class picture!

  3. Raeann

    Joekc6nlx: Will there be a Shejicon this year? I am a lurker as I love all things Foreigner, but am unsure of the niceties. I live on the other side of the state and I have a job with vacation days now, so I thought of this.

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