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The Get-together: the official word

September 5th-8th is the date.
I’ve investigated hotels and deals.
Here’s the plan.
The Doubletree hotel downtown is the big convention hotel in Spokane. It also does a room rate that can be 149.00 for four people, two queen beds.
IF just one person shows up for those 3 days, Jane and I can be nice city hosts.
If a dozen or two dozen show up we have, around that hotel: the Loof Carousel. Duck feeding: bring your own bread. Numerous restaurants within walking distance. Numerous pubs within walking distance. The gondola over the falls. The bridge across the falls. Riverfront park. Wonders of the World inside the Old Flour Mill, which is a gew-gaw shop ranging from the extravagantly expensive to the whimsical and cheap. And various places where, in that season, we can watch the water, feed the ducks, ride the Carousel, and otherwise just sit in the hotel bar or restaurant or somebody’s room and have a good time. You will also be next to the INB, which is Spokane’s live theater: sometimes they have shows. You’re pretty well on your own for booking that, because they’re sometimes Broadway Show prices and we’re not going to try to organize anything.

We’re not doing the kayak and lake cruise this year: that’s also organization and handling money and we don’t propose to do that: we have to write. BUT we will be able to entertain you (everybody on their own ticket! We can’t afford to pay for it), talk, shoot the bull, and if we have enough people with cars or can make multiple 3-passenger trips in the Prius—we can get you to our house for a backyard barbecue in pretty temperate weather, at that time in Spokane, and that won’t cost you anything. We can come and get you at the airport [we also suspect the Doubletree has a bus], meet you at the train station/bus station, and generally use the blog to help everybody coordinate: you can put the discussion in this thread.

We’re hoping to get everyone housed for as little as 38.00 each a night—if you pair up in fours and share…or 50.00 a night if you pair up in twos for the 109.00 room. Food is, well, you can hike all over that area (including a Chili’s and an Azteca next door) and eat either more expensively or far cheaper than there. There’s a very nice sports bar about a 4 block hike away.

Nothing that I can think of will be further than a 4-5 block walk, and if that’s a trial for you, we can figure some way to get you there.

So what we’re proposing is this:


If you group up and reserve rooms now, you’ve got the option to cancel them if your plans change.
We’re setting aside those 3 days. It’s the best choice we can make for our schedule. If one person shows up, we’ll still have a good time, but we really hope a lot of you can show up. If 5000 of you show up, we’re in trouble, and we’ll be contacting the local convention-throwers for helicopter assistance…

Our focus in this is getting together with you guys, as many as can make it. We want to keep it affordable for everybody if you can just get here, we want to be in a period when we can hope for comfortable weather, we want you to have plenty available to do in the area, and we’ll be there to talk, sit about, and generally have a 3-day party.


  1. chondrite

    Nice homemade soap is good stuff, Maynard.

  2. Neco-ji

    I was very happy to provide. 🙂 I thought about making soaps that were “Foreigner” themed, but it required a lot of Fragrance Oils to get the right smells, and that get expensive. So I haven’t tried making any of them yet. 😛

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