to take a look at salt content.
I spent a while yesterday going over our recipes and figuring out, well, yes, we could do better.
Discoveries. Your intake should be around 1500 mg a day, up to 2300.
Soy sauce is 920 a tablespoon. Wah! I’m going for the green label ‘low’ salt.
PF Chang’s doublefried noodles are over 7000.
I’m pretty sure the hamburger double no bun we had twice right before this incident (which tasted really salty, and was accompanied by fries) had no little to do with the problem. Probably in the 7000 range.
But things we now know: Mountain Dew is not a sodium offender. Coke is around 60 per can. Bacon is about 200 a slice, depending. Ham, any cured meat, is a problem. Corned beef (refers to the ‘corns’ or kernels of salt, well yes). Veggies generally are not. Potatoes are ok if not salted to death. And salad dressing is often right up there with a slice of bacon. Sauces in general tend to be high. Chicken broth is reasonable; chicken stock is not. Smoked sausage? We’re going to buy pork sausage and add our own spices.
I think it’ll be a good change, in general. Nobody needs 7000 mg of salt in a dish.