It was, we’re pretty sure, the grab bar.

The minute I used the shower this morning—there went the leak.

We rip out several more feet of tile, and spent our day looking for something we hadn’t planned to deal with for another year: the Bathroom Color Scheme. We love our swimming pool blue wall paint with white trim. And I hate unmitigated white tile.

We went to Home Depot, which has a better selection of tile than Lowe’s, and brought back several samples of Porcelain Tile That Can Be Ordered, plus some samples of some glass tiles. We found one of the orderable tiles that is a possibility; and then some (shudder) plain white that lets you do an inset of the fashionable glass tiles—and they have a blue-green in our color that will neatly inset into a tile foursome, plus a bluegreen glass bead-border that would be something else. These blaze with brilliant sea-glass-green with an iridescent finish. And I like them. The white tiles are cheap—which means we could do this jewel-inset number often enough to be impressive; and we found a nice older guy among the staff who echoes what you guys have been telling us and is actually capable of selling us things that go together: he used to do this for a living.

So…we’re not 100% sure, but we are happy with either choice. The regular tile is easier to handle, and will not tend to sag slowly down the mastic (he gave us the neat trick of nailing a board across the substrate to prevent this and using a crossed chalkline (which I did know) to get it on the square)–so—we are closer to a fix than we were.

We just did not want to do this this month!