We found a carpenter, we have ordered the floor. Empire slate It is grey and a fairly darkish grey with rusty bits. Really rotten picture.
Cabinets resemble redwood.
Appliances are graphite grey.
Countertop will be black.
Thinking about a copper-tone sink and faucet.
Thinking about a copper backsplash.
If we do the thinking-abouts, it’s going to have a steampunk vibe. 😉

Our carpenter is really good. His wife is into conventions, we have seen his work for friends of ours on the convention circuit, and we’ve attended a party at his place, where he has done a lot of remodeling. Really great work. And we’ve been saving for it. So—we are committed. Most of the work will be in September. We might get started on the floor before that, because that’s going to be something: we have to move the (quite heavy 2 part) china hutch. And clear the really-stuffed pantry.

Trugs are your friends when it comes to moving random-sized small objects. A trug is a garden basket, sort of like a plastic bushel basket that folds together for a one-handed carry—I’ve seen them used on digs to move dirt. But they can move canned goods, too.