We did lose 2 of the little fishes—they’re very small, and at this stage of life, fragile. Two kohaku (orange spots on white) didn’t make it, what with the crazy weather that’s also made the pond murky. I did a drain down of all but 1000 gallons, we are putting in clean water, and I rejoice to report that four of our six are together, hanging out in the little ‘houses’ Jane built of rock, and around the filter intake pump—which makes me very glad I put that thing in a mesh bag. They can get too snuggly with a pump and get into trouble.

But using the auxiliary pump, the draindown only took about 3 hours, we are now (much more slowly) refilling: I’ll have to test and adjust the chemistry again; and hopefully we’ll be able to see our fishes from time to time. Ari, Maddy, Wesley, and Ichigo all are ok. Pix are impossible: you’d only say, what fish? Clarity isn’t perfect, they are opting to stay in the deepest water, next to or under a black mesh bag.