We have picked the cabinets—kind of redwood stained; we have, after 3 samples, picked the flooring, a charcoal slate with colored bits, like metal stain; black countertop with copper bits; we have our carpenter; and we have saved for this for the last several years, so we hope it will all fit together. We bought our appliances early, because we figured, if we have to put off the kitchen, we can at least get a the range and fridge we want and use those, which we have done, except the microwave. We have yet to contact a roofer to put in a vent up there—this should be up there anyway, a safety thing. And best not do it during spring rains, eh?

It’s going to be interesting, but we are actually hiring this done. We will do the demo on the floor and the install: that’s not hard. But the install on the cabinets and such, no.

The fishes are beginning to figure that our appearance means food, not nets. They are calming down. And they are happy under the water lilies. At times we’ve had 15 blooms, yellow, white, sunset-colors and pink, all at once.