Yard work.
I whacked up some more of the hawthorn branches. Loppers and chainsaw. WHich had my back protesting

Jane and I sat in the dirt, extricated river rocks (largish) that the fence crew had buried under excavated dirt. We flung the big ones into the lotus pond pit, (new, as yet not done) and the pebbles into a flower pot and the mediums into a trug, which became 2 trugs. I then hosed out the filter for the pond and took a dead bamboo out of a massive pot—while Jane hauled brick and gravel to try to cover the new water line we are hose-splicing to the back of the hard. [Hard pipe connected to a garden hose leading to the spigot, so it can be drained for winter. But it has a proper spigot out in the end of the garden. And will supply the lotus pond.]

I also ordered a filter for the lotus pond, and a pump. We are making a little stream that runs from a water fall in the corner to the lotus pond, and there will be sitting areas and flowers and some decorative arches. It’s about a 25×25 area made by the garage, and the property line, and we now have it scheduled to be beautiful.

There will indeed be a lotus someday.