My knees have never been the best. I acquired two football knees without playing the sport—the first time to fail me was when I was about 12, stepping over a barbed wire fence, thank goodness in jeans, but a mile from camp. Leg just quit, with a nasty cracking sound, and I fell, managing not to suffer from the barbed wire—really tough jeans, those. Had to be helped back to camp by my three friends, a long and labored hike. Happened again a few years on, midsentence while talking to a friend at a band contest. Crack. And I was so startled I finished the sentence on the floor. I have for most of my life not trusted stairs, never had it fail on stairs, but worried it would. Always hold the handrail. And when the knee would go, it would lock up and refuse to move after about an hour. My dad once did try to move it, and it was, yes, quite frozen. A day later it would move. And take about half a week to heal, with compresses and babying. Then it would be fine.

So—what’s my college sport? Fencing. Which you do with knee bends, deep knee bends, backward and forward, and more knee bends. I developed fencer’s muscle on the front of my shins, no question. And never have had it fail since.

So…I’m retrieving the garbage bins from the front, up the 4 steps, and the big blue one is unwieldy and hangs. I gave it a tug, while making a step, and the back of my leg (a new spot) felt as if something had torn and let my knee separate just a tad more than it likes to. Ow. Well, I figured I should walk it off, so I finished the job and hauled the brown one up, and I was fine until it came to the 3 front steps. A little ouchiness there. More than a little.

I came in and told Jane, and sit here now on 3 Advil and an icepack under my knee with my foot propped up. No pain, in this position, and being all soft tissue, maybe it will just fix itself. I give this a few days before I tootle off to the sports med guys up at the clinic, but hopefully it’s just something I need to watch, or just a freak of the instant. Boo hiss.

Anyway, I’ll survive. But I think among the chores I’d like Scott to do, one of them may be the installation of a handrail on the right side of the front steps. It has one on the left, but I think one on the right would be prudent.