We wait for the cabinet tops.

We are also going to shed some things—going to sell off the Lenox princesses, all but one, and sell off the Russian fairy tale plates, we think. We’ll sell them at Ebay prices, so if perchance any of you are longing for a plate or a princess, let us know.

I’m meanwhile in quest of a small rice pot. TFal can’t make rice: it has a hole in the lid. Calphalon apparently has a hole in the lid of its smaller pots. Sheesh! I think I’m going to go to Walmart (shudder: it’s the holidays) and see if I can find a simple oldfashioned enamel-ware small lidded pan.

Weather’s held cold, but the air quality is crap. SO bad I couldn’t work yesterday, so we put away things in the kitchen. Jane’s trying to put up the plates that we are keeping…and it’s the usual story—where are the small black screws that secure the plate frames? So we go off to Ace looking for small black screws and this morning—did you bring in the bag with the (8-10) small black screws for the plates? Uhhh. I think. Well, I unpacked what was with them. Then we go on a trash search.

OTOH, it’s looking good. But last night I dreamed for some reason that we had moved to Wasp 12b (a real exoplanet) and that we were reconstituting the kitchen but I could’t get the flooring to join properly because the floor was curved. Try THAT one for sanity, eh?