I will be so relieved. This computer, vintage 2004, is a little slower (much!) than the new one, not to mention having some grievous issues with its pointer, which occasionally opens things you not only don’t intend, but can’t even figure out what Microsoft nuisance you accidentally touched and what it does…

This one decided to upgrade Firefox this morning and what should have been a 5 minute operation took an hour of computer time. Slog-slog-slog, and I couldn’t interrupt it.

Oh, I will be happy.

I have also purchased (yesterday) a very snug Starbucks coffee mug/thermos, which not only prevents my doing this again, being stoppered, but it fits the windowsill better, won’t tend to tip, and being insulated, means I don’t get the fast cool-down on the coffee I set there. It’s ridiculously spendy for a stupid coffee mug, and I much prefer my red Marvin the Martian cup, but at least this one won’t wreck an even more spendy computer.

I’d have loved to do some putzing about the yard while the computer was down, but it’s been downright chilly, windy, and raining for the whole several days—