What address does Machigi accord Ilisidi and have they ever met face to face?
Has Machigi ever met Tabini?
What is the name of the current lord of the Senjin Marid?
What is his capital? I’VE FOUND THIS ONE: It’s Koperna, and his seaport, a distance away is Lusi’ei. Also within Senjin is the home of the troublesome Farai, at Morigi-dar.
What is the name of the capital of the Dojisigin Marid? This one is Amarja.
What is the name of Tiajo’s father? Her uncle is Comari, her mother Mujito, d. of Tori, sister of the infamous Cosadi. Badissuni was Tiajo’s great-grandfather: he is deceased. Is her father alive?
And Mada, a Farai, was mother to Machigi. His father is Cosadi son of Sarini, a ruler of the Dojisigi. And the DOjisigi hate Machigi and vice versa.

And be aware, some of these things may never have been given. I am particularly dubious of the questions on the Senjin Marid.