The Map Room

Here are maps for various universes, to help those whose readers or files may not be getting graphics.


  1. CJ

    With thanks to WOL and Blue Cat Ship, we have some maps. There will be others. I absolutely invite people to try their hand at improving my drawings—many of these I did draw, or at least did the info for, and in a map room, there may be many maps with all sorts of focus. Now I just have to figure out (finally) how to post images! I know Jane can help me!

    • tulrose

      Really nice. Thanks to everyone who helped.

  2. pholy

    It looks like the png file was not a good idea, so I have made a jpg file for you – same place: Sorry it’s a lot bigger, I still haven’t read my GIMP books.
    Great maps, by the way.

  3. CJ

    What I’m going to need to do is run the files through photoshop and get them reduced in density, and save them down as jpgs. Modern digital cameras can take a picture dense enough to expand into a wall-sized mural without loss of information; scanners, ditto.

  4. pholy

    I took a few minutes to dl the pictures and used ImageMagick to resize the big ones to 800 pixels high and greyscale. Hope this helps – 🙂 – leaves you more time for creativity.

    Oh, they’re in the usual place…

  5. Ragi-at-heart

    The map I made of Cyteen is simply a colored and “updated” map with my best guess of the location of Strassenburg as described in Regenesis. It was a scan of the maps I have in my well-worn copy of Cyteen. I simply used a clone brush to make the mountain ranges, the green of the plains – although I don’t think I captured the colors of Cyteen appropriately.

  6. nekokami

    Please feel free to grab the maps of the earth of the atevi that I’ve been assembling at I’d like to improve those by adding the southern continent/island you’ve mentioned, but I’m not sure how large to make it or what shape it is.

    (Did you ever figure out where the Nisebi are located?)

  7. CJ

    Mmm. No. I’d forgotten about them. Thank you, nekokami! 😉 Beautiful site!

    I’ll have to figure how to catch that image…I’ll ask Jane to help me; I can’t seem to copy it, so I’ll have to get herself to apply her picture-jutsu to it.

    Would you mind if I added that link to the blogroll?

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