We have lousy hot water delivery. I frequently turn on the bathroom sink hot water to get hot water in the kitchen (we are going to install an auxiliary water heater in the coming kitchen revision)—and sometimes if you want a hot bath.
I most always shower. But I hurt so bad from a stint trimming iris leaves (filled half a monster green city bucket) that I opted for a hot soak.

As I finally reached tub-fill and continued to hear a water sound, I began to realize—it’s not the tub. It’s the—OMG! sink! The flood had gone over the sink, filled two drawers, and was cascading onto the floor.

I got out of the tub in a hurry, flung down towels and my bathrobe to try to stem the flood short of the hall laminate…and yelled for Jane.
Well, the flood went through the floor and down to the basement, so we had a double mopup, which actually saved the hall from getting wet. And we mopped, and moved makeup bottles, and generally mopped, mopped, mopped and now have a fairly dry bathroom, an only slightly soggy basement floor (the unfinished side, concrete) and a pile of towels and bathrobe in the washing machine.

Many a spouse would be furious and there’d be a fight for a week. Jane laughed and helped me mop. No recriminations, no fuss. Love is—sense of humor while mopping and bailing.

We ARE going to get that water heater.