This is epic. We’re going to make deadline. We usually have to ask for an extension.

Guild Wars 2 is running an annual tax-time silliness called the Adventure box, which emulates the old 1960’s games, like Star Raiders, Frogger and Pong, with demented icon-characters and more jumping challenges. This is not my cuppa, but it’s Jane’s, and she’s going to do some R&R online, I hope. I’ve been so done-in by allergies this last week I’m doing well to function at all. I’m able to concentrate, but thread a needle? I’d stare at the two objects and wonder stupidly what one had to do with the other.

Our star magnolia, meanwhile, is breaking buds, the tree peonies and azaleas are developing their flower buds, and the quince outside my window is doing the same. Spring is springing, never mind that we had frost two days ago. Such a hard winter!

But 15 days from now we may begin getting word of baby fishes. We’ll need to get down and get that pond netting on. And our taxes will be done, done, done.