The solid state drive on her HP laptop went flooey—the machine overheats, chronically, and it went. This is Not A Good Time for various reasons. I think overheating and solid state drives are not a friendly situation.

Don’t know what we’re going to do, but we really didn’t need this to happen right now, at the start of the summer convention season and trying to get everything in order. It could be worse. We have Carbonite cloud storage. But it’s a pita.

It’s also cold out there. The bacterial stuff I put into the pond is in murky suspension just because the water won’t get warm enough to let it work. It’s 47 degrees in the morning. I don’t know if Mt. Spokane has ever shed its snow this spring—probably the sun has burned it off: but it’s just been nippy in the mornings. Days are mostly cool, with a few exceptions. I keep trying to pack my sweatshirts, but keep needing them.