She’s finishing a novel—a critical scene—and we usually leave the word processors up when playing games. We were playing Guild Wars last evening.
So…well, likely that has nothing to do with it. Word Perfect has its screwy notions.
At any rate, about the time I went to bed last night—she discovered her day’s work was blitzed, and not just any day’s work. The file had lost its end-of-file EOF pointer. And the back end is out there somewhere, likely, but not appearing in WP.
She’s been a little short of sleep lately—you get that way on end-of-book crunch, when all the ideas have to be woven in…and needless to say, when I got up (it was still pre-dawn) –she was out there at her work station, trying to reconstruct. She’s got the front end: it survived. I fed her breakfast. She says she thinks Wesley did it.

Thank God for sense of humor. It’s better than jumping off a cliff, by far.

Jane’s going to be reconstructing yesterday’s work…which is by no means easy. I plan to hand her food at appropriate times and try to keep the house quiet.