Jane had a weird call from new health insurance wanting a credit card and it took us some scrambling to find out it actually was legitimate. During which time we had a kerfluffle with account numbers and needing a verification via phone, as I recall, which needed my phone, which, it turns out, I carried yesterday to the supermarket and didn’t come back with, nor does the supermarket know where it is. This is the supermarket frequented by the economically desperate, and yes, the phone has vanished. No, I don’t have the Google phone finder app. I have searched everywhere. I NEVER carry my phone in my coat pocket, I did once, and gone.

So I’m off to spend more money at T-Mobile, who sold me a replica of the last one and now I am signed up to the phone app. This required my sign-in, which Jane had created, so it’s a call to Jane, but I am home safe and sound with a new (low end) phone and the old one dead, wherever it is, so damage is limited.

But I’m already tired and so is Jane.