We’ve moved ‘breakfast’ to 8 am to slow down kitteh terrorism in my room—since I have been feeding them: stressor 1.

We’ve done some last moment cleanup, moving things kittehs use. Stressor 2.

We’ve had our hyper moments, explaining plumbing to each other in loud voices. Stressor 3.

Breakfast got later. We slept in. Stressor 4.

The Feliway dispensor is out. Stressor 5.

The leap to my television top didn’t rouse me to chase, then feed. Stressor 6.

So—Shu leapt from there into my closet, walking on the hangers. Didn’t work. Now, Seishi, who is terrified of closets, was no part of this operation. Shu then leapt from the hangers to the top of my closet, which overset all the wicker baskets, a stack of suitcases and the vacuum bags I had up there…Shu and all this stuff exploded out of my closet just as poor Seishi strolled in—and had his phobia confirmed. Seishi’s panic fed Shu’s, and they ran like thieves.

This did not stop Shu from getting on the countertop repeatedly.

They did get fed—after a suitable time lapse.

Then Shu went in the living room and attempted to stand on the folded card table. It fell over.

Later this afternoon Jane attempted to answer the door (to get our new bathtub faucet set which was being delivered) and caught the lamp on the living room table. It came apart.

Shu tried the shade as a hideout, but this didn’t work. We reassembled the lamp.

This so discombobulated Shu that he tried a mammoth leap from the glass top of the lamp table—taking it over, knocking the heavy 3′ tall lamp over again, scattering papers, cameras, glasses, pens, drink glasses, cups, and incidentally breaking the battery-card door off my Canon Powershot.

I got the camera door put back on. We discovered the ‘cylinders’ for the faucet doesn’t match the cylinders of the old faucet assembly Experimenting with this entails cutting off the house water supply and being ready to call a plumber if we really screw it.

We decided at this point to have supper and solve it tomorrow.