…until my eyes ‘settle.’ I’ve been wearing a slightly wrong prescription for reading for over half a year. This has an effect: eyes and brain are real good at doing a ‘Hubble Telescope’ type correction, and they have to learn that program has been changed.

So the doc wants me to wear these daily-wears a couple of weeks and use a 2.50 pair of cheaters, ie, simple magnifying lenses, for reading.

The contacts are comfy, don’t sting when going on, and I got them on first try, though it’s been a while. The distant world has much crisper edges. I’ll see if I can see the stars if it’s not cloudy tonight. But the right eye, on a slight .25 lens, is being cranky: getting that eye to ‘settle’ is going to take a bit.

The good news: contacts can ‘bandage’ your eye against allergens.
I’ve gone to daily wears so I can give my eyes a rest.

I can drive with these. So what I need is a pair of driving glasses for when I’m *not* wearing contacts, and a pair of reading glasses with, and one without—bane of my life is an astigmatism that gets worse the closer something is. I used to have good vision at all ranges. So, well, I can be glad of the years when it was real good. Now I have to put up with what a lot of other people have to put up with, so I can’t gripe.