Wearing astigmatic correction glasses has helped a lot. Been gardening—time for the iris to be whacked down to 6″, so we can see other nice things in the gardens, and I pretty well filled the big green recycling bin all by myself. Jane’s been shoveling gravel and using it to fill the under-fence and under-gate gaps so that we can let the kittehs outside. Shu got his first harness-free tour of the new arrangement today and had a good time. Sei is more timid, but we’ll see if he can enjoy the sun too.

We’re getting our first day in the mid to high seventies, so the pond water will warm, and hopefully the fishes will really wake up, get to know us, and quit spooking.

I’m feeling well enough I’m actually going to drive myself to the store solo. I was able to demolish another huge iris clump this morning, plus shovel a couple of wheelbarrow-fuls of gravel, and the stretch feels good.

Had my Logitech headphones die on me—online gaming just doesn’t work well without them; so we went out and got a set of another brand: Corsair, Void model. I’m kitted up so it looks like I’m ready for a fighter-jet, but, hey, it does deliver nice sound. And has a good review. I have had the old headset fail so often it’s been a real frustration, but we did well last night.

We are also calling in a carpenter to assess the long-promised kitchen redo. Our kitchen has been a frustration to me, and I want some pull-out pan shelves and lid racks, and a kitchen floor that’s not white and doesn’t have warped boards. All our cabinets are recessed a good 3″ from the cabinet tops, and that’s wasted. Whether we’ll give up the soffit space above (and our Russian plate display) in favor of more storage, I don’t know, but we’ll consider it: storage in this kitchen—well, the basement serves, and we do have a little pantry, but I cook, as in, really cook, and cooking in this kitchen is sort of like camping minus the conveniences…