Foreigner Series: Spoiler Alerts: Page 2

I’m giving the page a second section because page 1 was starting to behave oddly.

As always, wait at least 30 days from issue of the book before starting to discuss. And give our overseas friends some extra leeway: the distribution system doesn’t reach everywhere as fast!


  1. Neco-ji

    Does the Assassin’s Guild have a single type of allowed uniform (chiefly, is everyone in black and silver?), or do they vary in design according to the lord they serve, or are they allowed a certain level of personal preference from a selection of allowed attire?

    I remember early on that Bu-javid security seemed to differ from the aiji’s personal guard, who were specifically noted as being dressed in black. I also think Inheritor described Geigi’s guard as being dressed not in black uniforms, but in dark, fashionably cut clothing of the lord’s guard.

    Does the lord have a say in what he wants his guard to wear, so long as it meets certain specifications laid down by the Guild? Bren mentioned at one point that their uniform jackets were very expensive (one of Jago’s had been cut up to fit him, I think).

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