Foreigner Series: Spoiler Alerts: Page 2

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  1. Neco-ji

    Does the Assassin’s Guild have a single type of allowed uniform (chiefly, is everyone in black and silver?), or do they vary in design according to the lord they serve, or are they allowed a certain level of personal preference from a selection of allowed attire?

    I remember early on that Bu-javid security seemed to differ from the aiji’s personal guard, who were specifically noted as being dressed in black. I also think Inheritor described Geigi’s guard as being dressed not in black uniforms, but in dark, fashionably cut clothing of the lord’s guard.

    Does the lord have a say in what he wants his guard to wear, so long as it meets certain specifications laid down by the Guild? Bren mentioned at one point that their uniform jackets were very expensive (one of Jago’s had been cut up to fit him, I think).

  2. scenario_dave

    Isn’t Taiben the only clan whose Assassin’s guild doesn’t wear black?

  3. scenario_dave

    Have we waited long enough to talk about Convergence?

  4. Teresa

    I think I slightly jumped the gun and commented a bit upthread, but now I pulling the ripcord on the parachute after tumbling over the edge of the cliff. Ok, I’m more than ready to find out what happens next.

  5. scenario_dave

    Nomari said that people consider Cajeiri scary on page 265 of the hardcover. I wonder if it’s that he is a nine year old but in ways he acts much older or is it partly Bren’s influence?

    I enjoyed the scene when Aunt Geidaro came to visit. You can really see a different side of Tatiseigi. I found it interesting that when Cajeiri ordered that Aunt Geidaro’s guard stay downstairs, Cajeiri’s new senior guard immediately left to see to it. I’m thinking that they really approved of the request. It gave senior guild a chance to talk to these guild members outside of Aunt Geidaro’s hearing so they get a chance to size them up. I wonder whether they thought that that was part of Cajeiri’s plan or was it that he felt he could handle Aunt Geidaro better when she didn’t have guns to back her up.

    • P J Evans

      I think he was worried about what her aishid would do. How loyal to her are they, and would they hesitate to take out the young aiji and his very powerful granduncle?

      • scenario_dave

        I’m sure that Cajeiri was concerned that Aunt Geidaro might try something even though his guild outnumbered her guild.

        But what did his senior guild think of the action? It really was a good move. It kept weapons out of his aunt’s hands and placed them at the mercy of the senior guild out of her sight. Cajeiri had no need to be overly polite. She was from a dishonored clan who was acting in a very rude manner. He was well within his rights. It could have come across as a shrewd political move.

  6. Rigeldeneb

    I think Cajeiri’s share of the story in Convergence is mostly about his developing political instincts and shows how he is maturing and how he thinks. The scene with Geidaro is a case in point. He spends much of the book mulling over his connections–who he can and cannot depend on, who are enemies and why, who he is connected to. He grieves the separation from Hakuut an Ti. He regrets Boji’s situation and recognizes how it came about–from his loneliness and desire to make connections. He seems quite concerned with how people can understand the historical events in which he was embroiled. Is what we are seeing in Cajeiri’s story an example of how an effective atevi leader is formed? Cajeiri “collects” associates. I think his new senior aishid will stay with him out of sheer interest–and respect. And Cajeiri is where the action is!

    • persistentoctopus

      Service with Cajeiri is undoubtedly more interesting than retirement. I’m glad he and his other four will have someone with experience looking after them.

      • P J Evans

        I can see them being very necessary if Geidaro tries to attack Tirnamardi.

  7. Sapphire

    I know there is another Foreigner title – Resurgence – on the way, but is Emergence, which is apparently currently being written, also a continuation of the Foreigner sequence?

    Would be interested to know, if anyone has an answer. Would love to see Machigi again, and more of the Atevi/Bren interactions – particularly with Tabini, Ilisidi and his own Assassins…

    • Sapphire

      Oh, wonderful. Thank you for letting me know about Resurgence, and that you are continuing with the series. I look forward to the further development of all my favourite characters!

      Your books take up an enormous amount of space on my bookshelves, and of course I have to have both the hardback versions of the Foreigner sequence and the paperbacks for rereading time and time again, and carrying around with me. 🙂

  8. Neco-ji

    Has everyone seen the work in progress cover art for Emergence?

      • Neco-ji

        Todd Lockwood’s page on Facebook.

          • persistentoctopus

            Aww, man I *almost* wish I hadn’t looked. SOMETHING exciting is happening.

          • P J Evans

            I think he’s using the wrong title, though.

          • Sapphire

            Looks full of action and the Atevi look GREAT, as usual.

            Rather too many humans for my liking (apart from Bren), and there even appears to be what looks like a hipster in the image, which might date the cover a little.

            But then, what do I know? I’m currently into raccoons… 🙂

    • persistentoctopus

      I was thinking it might be the 9th one he’s done? But he started with Conspirator, which would make Convergence his 9th.

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