Foreigner Series: Spoiler Alerts: Page 2

I’m giving the page a second section because page 1 was starting to behave oddly.

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  1. Tommie

    Is the doubled vowel in the Ateva language like that in the roman spelled Japanese; a place where you hold the vowel longer, as a fermata is to a musical not? Any one besides CJ know?

  2. scenario_dave

    I’m curious about the Ateva navy. Is it directly commanded by a lord or is it part of a guild? If its part of a guild, which one?

    • spaceman_spiff

      I assume it is commanded by a lord probably the Minister of Defense we meet back in book 2. The only other choice would be that if the navy was a part of the guilds it would be the Assassin’s Guild. Since they seem to have the monopoly on the use of force for the most part.

  3. scenario_dave

    Bren usually wears the white ribbon of the Paidi. Rarely the black of The Lord of the Heavens. Could he wear the ribbon of the Lord of Najida? It seems like it might be useful if he wants to send the message that he is working for himself and his estate rather than for the Aji. Maybe when visiting neighbors.

  4. CJ

    That would be true. I think I established Najida’s colors as blue.

    • P J Evans

      Light blue for Najida, IIRC. (Maybe the blue like the banner line?)

      I’m wondering, having read the preview and the previous several books, if someone in nand’ Bren’s aishid is also in the aiji-dowager’s manchi. And who. It would explain so much….

      • spaceman_spiff

        Well i don’t think it likely, but by the process of elimination from the previous books the only possible person that comes to mind is Tano. Banichi and Jago are very explicitly said to have been in Tabini’s man’chi when they were assigned to Bren. Algini is stated to have been loyal to the guild before declaring man’chi to Bren. The only person to my knowledge that we don’t know the background of in terms on man’chi is Tano. We know about his attachment to Algini and that is pretty much it. You could assume he was just Guild loyal but we don’t know for sure.

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