Foreigner Guidebook.

Contributors: CJ, Walt, Tulrose

* Foreigner (1994) — Locus SF Award nominee, 1995
* Invader (1995) — Locus SF Award nominee, 1996
* Inheritor (1996)

* Precursor (1999)
* Defender (2001) — Locus SF Award nominee, 2002
* Explorer (2003)

* Destroyer (2005)
* Pretender (2006)
* Deliverer (2007)

* Conspirator (2009)
* Deceiver (May 2010)
* Betrayer (Jan? 2011)
* Intruder (in progress)

    there’s some ‘new’ land probably along an oceanic ridge clear to the far side of the planet, and the Southern Isle below the Marid is about as large as Mospheira, which is about half the size of Australia, as I view it. Geologically speaking, the Continent is assembled out of at least 3 big pieces, former independent landmasses having rammed together from the south and east, hence the modest mountain range separating the Marid from the rest of the continent, and the really impressive range separating the East from the rest of the continent. There is no really convenient land off the East coast to encourage much beyond coast-hugging fishermen, but there is off the Marid coast, and of course there was Mospheira and Crescent Island before the humans landed, off the west.
    So, yes, I have sort of an idea of geologic history as well as political history.

    what happened to the 6 other Taylor’s Children that Ramirez activated. They are mentioned in Precursor (I think) and that seems to be that. Do Jase and or Yolanda know who they are? Is it perhaps a secret known only by the Guild or Ogun and Sabin? Do these people even know their own background?


    1. CJ

      I can get it…may take me a bit. I’ll have to track it down. I’m not able to link to it right off.

      • sleo

        Cool! Thanks so much! And I preordered it while I was at it. 🙂

        • Neco-ji

          If you check Todd Lockwood’s Facebook page, he has an album of the art, with zoomed in sections.

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