I’ve reported the situation to DAW—a note from an alert reader—and they’ll handle it. I’m not sure how many books are mis-described. If you spot that, comment here and we’ll all know.

Meanwhile it’s snow turned to rain here. I’ve got a re-exam at the eye doc’s this morning: my prescription seems to have shifted a bit and I’m straining to see clearly.

Want a REAL timesync? Check out the cnn.com game site. Mahjongg Solitaire is absolutely wicked. The Games site has a few buggy games: getting the Crossword to take the first letter is an annoying one—but it will if you start and then erase.  But Mahjongg? I can see how fashionable Chinese ladies got seriously addicted to this game. Board play is only for 3 or more; but the electronic version is dimensional solitaire.

Fear not. I’m writing like mad.