It’s been so cold that fishy brains have been on hiatus. They get instinctive and spooky when their system is on the edge of winter sleep, and our weather has been that cold. The brain is a very energy-hungry part of the body, and it goes on holiday when the fishes are hunkered down by the bottom pump to stay warm. The instinct says go deep, keep in the dark, and run if you see movement. And that’s all that’s processing.

Also, these are babies which have had nothing in their lives but ‘run when the school runs’ and ‘stay together.’

We got Goku and Sanzo to shepherd them but they’ve been so cold they’ve hunkered down too.

Now we’re getting warmth, and the fishes are beginning to swim quietly, with purpose, the mouths are working, skimming the bottom, and they’re beginning to take in the idea that food happens when we’re close, so we’re not a bad thing. They’ve been coming into the sunlight, seeking warmth. We have several 4′ diameter patches of water lilies, white, sunset, pink, and yellow, and they hide there, but come out to see if food is available. They’re also hiding in the bridge shadow, but coming out into the sun warmth.

So nice to see.