We’re starting over. Clean out, start with fresh water, find ourselves some bird netting (fruit trees) to cover the pond while baby fish grow, and as soon as we have the water nice for fish, we’ll be starting over. We’re sad but starting to plan, and we’ve got a better winter system: I only wish we’d seen it before this happened. We’ll probably have to special order two, of Ari’s type and Maddy’s—the golds and silvers are specialty colors that have to be bred for. And we’ll just apply what we’ve learned and do it better this time. The pond is close to ten years old, so a cleanout is due: I’ll turn on the back yard water supply—it’s past a real hard freeze, now—and the snow is mostly melted. I’ll possibly put on a sprinkler nozzle to keep the water lilies wet while the pond continues to empty. Can’t get all the muck out, but we can make it better.