The high bloodpressure is dropping back into the pre-hypertensive and the ‘normal’ range. Which is good. But it’s not all that—I was dizzy yesterday. So it’s that AND the ears, for which I have an appointment — in June. Sigh. But I’m feeling a lot better. Jane’s been doing a huge amount of yard work, in which I show up and snip a few judicious snips, and wash a pond filter, big deal. She’s moving basalt chips and rebuilding the lotus pond edge. WHich is looking great.

I can however do the cooking and kitchen and such, so I am. Cooking with both sodium and carb restriction is entertaining, but we had an experimental substitute last night—sometimes I’ll put several weird things into a potentially bland dish to see which ‘surfaces’ as a good taste, which is neutral, and which you would’t want.

So I tried, on pork, caraway seed, celery seed, cooking sherry, black pepper, coriander, sage, and very little salt, and came to the conclusion that caraway and possibly sage and black pepper were the best tastes in the lot, celery seed and sherry the worst combined with the others, and so I’m going to try making my own caraway-heavy pork sausage.

Work on the books is going well, however: this is our first time working in sequence, Jane in total control of Alliance Rising now, myself in the rough stage of the new Foreigner book, with discussion and input from Jane, and we are thus getting quite a bit of work done. Todd is working on the new Foreigner cover, for the book I turned in last fall, and I like his sketch, so things are buzzing along.