I read the labels carefully, overthought it, was way careful, and put them in the wrong eyes. Scratch one pair of disposable contacts. Went to another, and much happier.

But probably due to a half year of wearing a ‘wrong’ prescription, I have the world alternately focusing clear and fuzzy, one eye fighting the other, and while I cope ok in a quiet, static environment, I went with Jane to get a couple of 6″ cylinders for the sprinkling system–and that meant Lowe’s. And to take back an item at Freddie Myers, and that meant another mega-store and a 10 mile drive. I don’t get motion sick easily, but I was feeling queasy walking around the big stores, and hungry, which didn’t help, so we went to a local rice-bowl type place and had lunch, and we got things done. I’m still having just a little trouble coping. But it’s getting better.

Don’t let a prescription go because it ‘almost’ works. It means this sort of thing trying to get fixed.