This is where you’re real glad you paid attention in geometry.

Doorways where you have to leave a 3/4″ slot for a threshold are another joy, fitting tile under doorway frames, etc.

The good news is it looks great. And the wall, formerly pinkish, now plays off that grey/rust and reflective tile (slate pattern) and looks a proper salmon, headed toward orange, which will look great with our cabinets.

We are very happy with the flooring. CoreTec(h) is the brand, Empire Slate, which is ‘waterproof,’ or as waterproof as a floor is likely to be. The table saw is my little toy, and yes, I’m careful. There are many ways to get hurt, one of which, I swear, is to use the ‘safety guides’ the manufacturer provides. A, you let the saw power up and sing a steady note before trying to use it, B, you use the metal/measure/guide clamp rail to assure a straight feed. C, if you aren’t using B, you have a pencil line and you use your ears. If the saw whines, you’re wobbling out of true: listen to the saw and keep it singing a single pure note. D: if you do all the above, it’s not likely to buck or kick back, but if it does, don’t reach to steady it—back up, hands off, and just let the lumber fly where it will. F. And if you have to saw something tiny, use a push-block of wood, not your fingers. G. Wear a mask and safety goggles or glasses. Most injuries come from D, F, and G territory, plus uneven ground, crowded setup, not planning the EXIT of your board with plenty of room, poor lighting, and beer. I learned to use this as a kid, and it’s my favorite power tool: I’ve cut with a handsaw, and a table saw is ever so much nicer.

We have the fridge and dishwasher now sitting on new flooring. Only 300 more square feet to go. We have to bring in another batch from the porch to let it assume room temperature before using. [We’ve had it sitting under tarp, on skids to protect it from rain.]

We have painting to go; plus the flooring; then roof vent and ducting, wiring for lights; then we start thinking about cabinets, countertop, and backsplash orders. Countertop can’t be ordered (measurements) before the cabinets are all in; ditto the backsplash. We have the sink; we have the faucet on order; and we’re now beginning to see the kitchen we’ve planned starting to have floor color, wall color, and such, with appliances moving into place where they will fit.