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  1. Mystie Muun

    I have been a fan for a long time. Currently I am attempting to rebuild my library after major life changes reduced my living area down to a mere bedroom. I can’t find many of your older works on ebooks. I have found and purchased the later Fortress books, but can’t find even a hint of the Chanur.
    Where can I find these as Nook ebooks? And if I can’t find them, then who do I write to get them published?

  2. lordvorp

    SO: when I logged in today I got a notice from WordPress, that there is a more recent version available.

    Earlier this year I had to help a lady rescue her WP site that got nastily infected because it was an older version and somebody exploited a flaw to put a javascript virus on every page…

    I’d prefer it if you guys didn’t have to deal with that! (and AFAIK the WP upgrade process is just a matter of clicking “Go”)

  3. reading-fox

    Passing on a wonderful idea – having just come across Janny Wurts’s bookmarks- each of which has the series books in order printed on them. This is something that surely ClosedCircle could be doing too?

    For a trilogy it isn’t that big a deal, but we’re now up to 15 books in Foreigner – having a quick and ready reference in which order to re-read them would be very helpful.

    Just a thought.

  4. kerryk

    I have your books in hardback, e-book and now audible. What I am trying to sort out is how to get the most money to you.
    1. Do you get more if I buy through brick & mortar or e-bay? I try to support local book stores but sometimes money is very tight. If your bit is higher it will be worth it.
    2. Amazon does specials for different authors sometimes on the kindle side of the house. It can be a great get acquainted deal but I am not sure if the author gets their full royalties. I haven’t seen yours that way but would like to know, just in case. I want to keep my favorite author writing, preferably without money stress (or at least only moderate stress)!
    3. I am now adding audible to the mix. As I am a member I get the member price. Do you get the same amount if I use the credit instead of paying cash? How about if they are on additional sale.
    I want to make sure that I only purchase with the method that maximizes your income stream.

  5. CJ

    I get nothing from e-bay, used stores, or libraries. I get 10% of cover from any regular book sales, e-book may be a bit better, but I doubt it. —I can’t remember what it is from Audible, but it’s better than regular publishers: I THINK I get a set amount whether it’s on a ‘deal’ or not, but I’m not sure: these things get very convolute in the contract statements. Wish I could be more clear but the contracts are so overlain with subsequent changes and agreements and far from organized (sigh). You wouldn’t think 60-odd projects could generate that much paper, but they do, and I’ve long been convinced it’s their purpose to confuse us. I appreciate the thought, and the best I can tell you is that e-bay is not where to go; brick and mortar needs the help, and my publisher needs the help; and audible is paying, which is a good thing. Amazon gives statements only to my publisher, but my publisher won’t cheat: I just think DAW figuratively tears its hair out over statements that aren’t broken down by category and type—it’s an old problem, and Amazon’s statements, I understand, are far from clear. Audible is under Amazon, but they pay independently, and promptly. Regular Amazon I understand is not easy to deal with

  6. Leapylea

    HI, I love your fortress series. I just finished Fortress of Ice. It is a cliffhanger. I immediately went to get, what I thought should be the next one of the series, but I don’t seem to find one. Are you in the midst of writing another. I can’t see poor Tristen hanging out there like that, or the two brothers. I just know you have another tuck away in that splendid mind of yours. I thank you for the memories. I have read the first four books at least 4 times.

  7. Pam

    Hi! I’m a long time fan of all of your books especially the Alliance Universe books. I was thrilled to find you have released many of your books as audiobooks. I have bought 3 of my longtime favorites, Serpents Reach, Downbelow Station and Chanur’s Pride. I love the ability to listen to your stories. The only downside I found was in the reader of Serpents Reach, Romy ?. She consistently mispronounced simple words and the reading was choppy to the point of becoming confusing. I have read this book multiple times and I got confused at points! I hope you will continue to release your great stories as audiobooks but please try to get better readers.
    Thanks for giving me 30 years of great scifi reading, I always look forward to more.

  8. deanwmn

    I log in every so often hoping to find that you’re working on something different. I’ve read almost everything you’ve ever written, but after number 12 I just couldn’t face anymore Foreigner books. Fifteen now? Wow! I bought and read Regenesis, liked it, but sure wish you’d return to the Alliance Universe. Any chance? At all?

    • CJ

      One is in progress. Alliance Rising. Jane and I are working on it together.

  9. joekc6nlx

    I got a notification from WordPress that version 4.7 is out. I’ve updated my two websites.

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