We got ready to go skating today and got a call first from Joan asking if Sharon was going to be there and then a call from Sharon warning us that school buses with 90 kids had just arrived.
We cancelled.
The ceiling lights Home Depot had run out of were supposed to be in yesterday, so we went there to get them and they hadn’t shown up.
Meanwhile the ‘do not overtighten’ warning on the new sink meant Jane did not overtighten the faucet connection to the metal sink. Now it’s loose and we’ll have to take everything out from below and try to work with a Big Wrench on a sink part that is supposed to be fully assembled before the sink is installed.

And after getting a nice new large tank for the two bichirs, (freshwater fish that look like stegosaurus) one of Jane’s fish died. We thought maybe ammonia, which can get stirred up during a move. But that was a bummer. I did some online research and it turns out they’re susceptible to a parasite and I got a recommended med. Which may or may not work, but we’re giving it a shot at saving our remaining one. This is touchy because they’re predatory and trying to get two to live together is iffy.

I, meanwhile, am working hard on the promised short pieces, and discovered a major technical glitch in one, ie, I misread a certain item which now causes me to have to go back to a total rewrite, but I’ll fix it. That’s annoying.

For weather, we get really cold weather, and frozen mud. If there’s one thing as bad as soppy squishy mud, its mud frozen in ridges.

And the downside of actually losing weight—I’m fighting a battle with my mirror: when you wait late in life to lose weight, you do go through a little phase of realizing you do have a few facial lines as your skin loses some of its padding. On the other hand, if you’re careful and use every miracle preparation known to vain humanity, you can diminish that. So I’m trying not to look like Boris Karloff, with a pound and a half of cold cream, as the song goes…Well, you change out every cell in your body after x-many years, and I am serving notice that the next ones to be recycled will be useless cells, thank you, which I do not wish refilled. Take note, procrastinators! Lose it before you join the cold cream club! And if you’re where I am, well, we can sympathize with each other.

No signs from the fish yet: the pond is mostly frozen but wouldn’t support a cat safely. We wake up with a dusting of snow and by noon it’s slush.

Jane’s in there serial-cooking a large purchase of Costco chicken: little ziplock bags of diced chicken mean I don’t have to cook much for supper, and it’s not been fortified with tons of fat and sodium, which is often the case with convenience foods. I made some cheese bread yesterday: we enjoyed a couple of slices and then I froze the rest. Cheese bread toasts wonderfully—but we have to hold back on how much bread we eat. Jane can have fruit, apparently, now that we’re this far along in dieting. I, alas, gain weight if I eat fruit the way she does. So she owns that nice batch of pear apples we have in the kitchen. I stick to cheese. Our metabolisms work mostly alike, but my system tends to love any fruit sugar way too much!