It’s not easy: we’ve got one never-gains-weight and one easy-keeper, and feeding one enough while not having the other blimp up is not easy, but we’re managing. Now that we’ve fixed the yard as escape-proof, we can let them both out, then feed a LITTLE after they’ve had their constitutional. And feed reduced portions. And keep Shu out of Sei’s dish. I am glad to say that in only a week, Shu is reacquiring a waist, and is starting to play again. Hurrah for us. Feeding them separately so that Shu does not get half of Sei’s is a big help. It also helps Sei not gulp his food nervously with looks over his shoulder. I’ll hand out a 3-kibble snack if Shu is being desperate, but over all, I think we’re winning. The mild winter is helping. We have had clear ground a lot of the winter. They really are not fond of snow.