It’s that time of year. Burlap is smelly and sheds and I hate storing it in the house, but when you need it, you need it. Makes a great tree-wrap for mimosas and new Japanese maples. But we’re out. I wrapped Jane’s better of two mimosas and the new Emperor One Japanese Maple, and now I need at least a few more yards. We save the stuff year to year, but when it gets ratty beyond use, it gets tossed. And I fear last winter did in our stock. Our poor roses were caught by surprise in the storm that did in the koi, but they survived. THis year I have a de-gasser for the pond, a new floating heater, and we’re getting set for winter. Scott (our very tall carpenter) is going to help us get the canvas off the pergolas so that the snow weight doesn’t bow them—it was a close call last winter.

We have a guaranteed week of near 50 degree weather to get this done, but beyond that, I’m not laying bets.