We’re still under a foot of snow here, with more on the way.

Last night, abed, I heard a considerable thump in the back yard, and the spooklight had come on. Seishi, our burglar detector, was up at the open window with his neck giraffed to twice its ordinary length…

I looked out, and saw a raccoon larger than an Aussie shepherd across the pond, by the garage door. I banged on the window, then ran out to the living room where Jane was still watching telly, said, “Raccoon at the pond,” and ran through the kitchen, knocking over a plastic platter, a large plastic and a large metal mixing bowl in the process. Grabbed one and ran out through the mudroom, to turn on the light and clatter the bowl loudly. I stood out there barefoot in a nightshirt on the icy concrete as Jane joined me and did some reconnoitering— couldn’t see anything, but I also hadn’t heard a corresponding sound of a raccoon leaving.

So I stayed a little alert. It’s been so cold I’ve hesitated to put out our groundlevel spooklight lantern, but I think I may tonight. The snow is frozen, so it’s not going to show tracks, but there’s some collapse around the mugo pine near the waterside, and I think our bandit may have tried to go down to the water there.

Weather will be clear for about 3 days, then another weeklong round of snowy weather, though not, I think, too much accumulation. It’s been a very persistent winter up here.