Like many remodeled houses—we have a bit of a brick-match problem. In our case, some IDIOT put dark brown, grey, and red brick in the place where the old garage door used to be, when the house brick is earthy orange (like Oklahoma dirt), earthy yellow, brown, and slightly red. You may imagine this has been a feature we do not love.

We have tried trellises, we have thought about Permastoning the area (where the back door now is)—and with our red-brown trim paint, that goes with the red windows, Jane got an inspiration and went over with the red-brown paint, and painted a half-brick on the seam—to match a half-brick on the house side. Ha! We did more of them. WE have a Plan! And we are going to have to get some more quarts of paint—and we have this glaring mismatch solved. Chorus of: “We’re Painting the Roses Red…”