Not yet. But I’m sure it’s coming.

All through the Great Remodel, there was no feeding the cats in the kitchen—just too much dust for health, and too much chaos. With my range free-ranging nearly daily and even the icebox waltzing matilda, the fate of the cats’ food tray, well, it was just impossible, and at times I had to get the Terrible Twosome out of harm’s way of saws and paint.

So I began to feed them in my bedroom, one of the only cluttered-as-may-be but stable places in the house: our bathroom is too small to cuss a cat in (as the saying goes) let alone feed two of them, and the living room was stacked waist-high with boxes.

Well, I decided, now that I have largely de-cluttered my 10’x 12′ bedroom, except the exercise horse and the card table, I decided to send kittehs back to the kitchen. They get a pre-bed snack in their respective owner’s bedrooms, but no more breakfast at CJ’s.

They are not happy with this: they had their post-constitutional-in-the-garden breakfast in the kitchen, then showed up in my room complaining that the bowls in my room were empty. There were worse looks as I put said bowls away.

Both are sleeping off breakfast now, but I’m sure I’ll hear from them.