Attempts just to clear the obvious filter have succeeded. But there seems to be another filter inside, inaccessible without special tools, and that is clogged. We are not pleased. It’s a pain to service, Jane has had it, and I am putting my foot down. We are getting a faucet AFTER the Black Friday sales, and we are getting it installed by a plumber, and we are getting a Delta brand faucet, very likely, which has service instructions that involve simple unscrews.

All this followed our attempt to flush the hot water heater in the basement, so maybe we just succeeded in stirring up some calcium deposit, which went upstairs. But inaccessible filters inside the faucet—? That’s not good engineering. Planned obsolescence. This faucet was such a bear to install (Jane did it) that we had to do it before actually settling the stainless sink into its clips. It has a garbage disposal attached, which weighs a ton, and we are not anxious to try to heft that to change faucets, so we are going either get a nice faucet we’ll install in a new sink when we get it, or we’re going to go for cheap and functional stopgap until we get the new kitchen sink.