Spring is springing forth, and the pond has water. It’s not as crystalline as we like but it’s alive, in the sense that the biological filtration is proceeding, and when it has fish, it will be good. The chemistry is good.

The weeping cherry is going strong.

You may recall the post with Jane sitting in the empty winter pit of the pond. Here it is with water.

And here are some random shots of the back garden. Peonies are close to blooming, particularly the tree peonies, which are dark red when they bloom. They’re always among the first.

Here the dark red shoots are a regular peony coming forth, not forming distinct buds yet, a little behind the tree peonies in timing.

In the front yard, the magnolias are breaking into bloom: the star magnolia.
The pink magnolia

And the redbud, state tree of Oklahoma: we had to have one. Those will be reddish purple small blooms, followed by heartshaped leaves.

And in back,the lotus pond: lotuses are slower than the water lilies: one lily has two leaves on the surface and others are reaching, in the big pond, but these sleepy sorts haven’t stirred yet.