What’s wrong with big-box hardware stores?
You go there to replace an icebox water filter. Naturally you go to Plumbing. Now, Lowes has a Whirlpool filter which takes a shove-connect 1/4 inch tube—but half the time one of the other tube inserts won’t take and it leaks like a sieve. Or Niagara, if it pops out. Soaked from head to foot trying two of those.
Which ran a major monster Lowe’s out of ALL their supply of filters for icebox icemakers.
So I go to Home Depot.
In this case the filters are in the Appliance Department, and they sold me one without a shove-in connect: it needs a brass plug, and two brass quarter-inch screw-downs to create a connection. Fine.
Back to Home Depot to get the connectors. THEY sell the filter, but not the connectors. Huh? For what? I fear I rather well lost it well enough I had about half a dozen HD employees trying to find a solution: plumbing didn’t have it. They had the ‘vampire’ saddle tap that can take the tubing FROM the pipe. But no connectors. They have another package that has connectors for a ridiculously reinforced spendy hose (like a firehose!) that is another variety of 1/4 inch hose…but my filter is downstairs near the water source (recommended by their own instructions) and they want me to fish this 8 foot hose 15 feet up to the fridge to connect it. Nope. I don’t think so.
After a great deal of handwaving, they produce another filter that does come with the two essential connectors packaged with it.
I rather imagine I’m now infamous at HD. All I wanted was a connection that has to be in at least every house in America with an icemaker and a GE brand fridge, and probably many more brands, not to mention other applications. Low pressure 1/4″ water delivery does not require a braided-fiber reinforcement.
But no, we’re supposed to throw up our hands and call the plumber to change out a friggin’ water filter cylinder.
Not this household. Not if I have to resort to aquarium supply to get connectors.
I really miss Snyder’s Hardware, wooden floor groaning under the weight of 50 years accumulation of bits and bobs that fit almost anything or can be made to fit.

Quarter inch hose, f’ gosh sakes? A common appliance need?
I can do without the 10 choices of garden benches and pots from Thailand. I’d really like a hardware that stocks ordinary connectors.