We managed, with a combo of Hulu and NBC, to get a feed of the Olympic opening ceremonies—without commentators. Delightful. For once, we could watch something spectacular and TALK to each other in our own living room, without two blathering voices overlaying a point we might want to hear, or having the camera jolt away from something pretty to focus on some specific athlete, following by happytalk inanity for a full minute, discussing the cutaway, and the weather.

Joy, oh, joy! We also got to see an NBC skating feed that showed the technical scores at the bottom, element by element, so we could see where the deducts were—wonderful!

TV as it ought to be. Now, if we could only get our Mariners baseball! [blackout rules.] But major victory for civilized living room conversation!

I also got the results of the first doc visit—tests are clean and levels are good and we are happy.

Winter is back—headed for 14 degree night-time temps and more snow. I think I am going to do some major grocery shopping today, while we have the major streets clear!