New Foreigner Book!


a few hardcovers and pbs available from Closed Circle, signed. Latest: Moonlover and the Fountain of Blood, Jane Fancher short story. Chernevog, part 2 of the Rusalka trilogy co-written by CJ and Jane; and Orion's Children, a tetralogy from Lynn.

New short story of mine: coming next year. FYI.

We have twitter…

CJ: and Jane: Here’s the deal: you can use a twitter ‘friend’ link to keep up with whether or when we’ve each last done a blog post, without having to hunt the page down, a big convenience for those of you wanting to follow a thread. So Friend us and twitter away! We […]

Check it out! It works! It works!

Awright! I refuse, absolutely refuse to admit what I forgot to do. Too many irons in the fire is my only excuse and even I’m not buying that. But the download should now work! If it doesn’t…wait ten minutes before telling me. I wanna go take a shower! :D—>J


The filk last night…

…went pretty well. And I played about 5-6 pieces and screwed up a bit, but my fingers have no blisters, thanks to several days of noodling around and getting my fingers used to the idea. Considering I only remembered F, G, A, E, and D, D7 yesterday morning, I did pretty well last night. What […]

Is there any item you absolutely cannot keep track of? Mine is…

glasses. Glasses and cups of coffee.

I have lost my glasses again. A-gain!

I have a problem. I have a torque in my vision: my eyes switch problems at a certain distance, which means I can’t wear bifocals. A doctor who prescribed neomycin for a minor eye infection just before BucConneer nearly blinded me: my […]

76048, and FINALLY! I had a great day writing.

I’ve spent the last few days outlining to the end (after remembering what the end is, and relocating it); and simultaneously recovering the blown-up 72 generation, 40,000 person genealogy file, bit by painful bit…

It’s funny. So much of the database work (genealogy) is just a matter of waiting for the db to wake up, […]

Prepping e-books

The actual launch of Closed Circle is getting close enough I’m going to spend time this evening actually assembling several e-books, notably Faery in Shadow and The Writing Life: A Writer’s Journal vol 1-3. Those will be the first out. Rusalka is ready, but Jane is not ready to do the cover yet. She’s prepping […]

OSG’s on the wing, coming home from Montreal Worldcon…

She says she had a wonderful time, but she wants her kittehs and her own bed.

We’re going to pick her up at the airport, since OSGuy is at work. We have her house keys. Heh. But we’re out of resources to do the reception number on her house that she did on ours. The […]

Jane’s posting again.

Thank you, Jane.

Not much, except that nothing exploded today. That’s a good day.

The fish tank lights are working. The fish are fine. I got a little work done.

Tomorrow I’m planning to really bear down and get going.

We’ve had glorious weather: 72 to 85 degrees daytime, in August, no less. I went out and watered everything, just because I could. Our koi have about doubled in […]