New Foreigner Book!


a few hardcovers and pbs available from Closed Circle, signed. Latest: Moonlover and the Fountain of Blood, Jane Fancher short story. Chernevog, part 2 of the Rusalka trilogy co-written by CJ and Jane; and Orion's Children, a tetralogy from Lynn.


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Jane’s (gasp!) posted —re house remodeling.

She has. On remodeling.
This is following a conversation we had last night.

Finished the outline on the new book—

Now comes the hard part.

I don’t always outline, but the way things have been going, I wanted a really tight, scene by scene of what has to happen, who’s who, and why they’re there, so that no matter what, I’ll know where I am.

We seem to be loading much faster today. Weather: we’re melting…temps headed for 40.

Sigh. I so love the snow.
And I’ve got to get some black pepper for that raccoon, though I haven’t seen tracks since the melt began.

The site’s been iffy today.

Hopefully the host will get it straightened out.

second post-op on eye: all ok.

Optometrist found of all things, the reason for one eye being constantly irritated in the inner corner: two microscopic eyelashes growing inversely curved toward the eye. He nipped them with tweezers–instant relief. The opthamologist missed those—different area of concern, I suppose.

Healing nicely. Optometrist’s recommendation for dry eyes? Apparently there are microscopic oil glands inside the lid, at the base of the eyelashes. Moist heat indicated to increase natural oil flow. Went to Wallyworld—I know, I know, not my favorite, but they do have a broad selection of eye stuff. And they had, beside the Systane gel for dry eyes, this moist heat compress by Bruder, exactly made for such an application. 20 seconds in the microwave, 3 minutes on the eyes. Not too inconvenient and it feels good. As a cure for dry eyes, let’s see, but I’m willing to give it a run.

We never get out of there cheap—Jane got some pants for shoveling snow (brilliant red snow suit pants) which beats camo, when you have to work at the edge of the street: screaming orange would have been the choice if we could. And Nutrisystem is now selling a Jumpstart packet of diet stuff. Hey, it’s two weeks worth of food for 44.00 and if it actually makes us lose weight, good.

And we found some house slippers for our new floor: we’re instituting the Japanese custom of house slippers, street shoes not welcome. So finding some cheap, soft, washable house slippers for guests, at 2.50 apiece, we pounced on them. We have a problem with shiny-finish laminate and tennies picking up basalt chunks from our garden. Men are a separate problem: these are small with a flashy little jewel and a top strap. We’re going to need to find some tatami slippers guys won’t feel silly in. Jane found some stretchy patterned jogging pants that are great for working on the floor.

So a day’s foray into the dens of commerce nets us an odd assortment of stuff, but kind of useful. We’ll start the Nutrisystem stuff when I’ve run out of hamburger. Right now I’ve dropped five of my holiday pounds simply using Atkins shakes for breakfast and lunch and any snacks I feel I must, must, must have or die—while having whatever we want within reason for supper. We’ll continue that until I run out of salad, chicken, and thawed hamburger and bread. Then we’ll open up the Nutrisystem packets.

Did I mention we both got called for jury duty? Lovely. It’s not that I mind it in principle—in fact I support it, but I am a critic of the American legal system as it has grown up from the Revolution—I think that we should have founded it on the system of ‘equity’ and gone by that, and that judges’ instructions are flatly unconstitutional, since they interfere with the ‘common knowledge and local knowledge’ aspect of a citizen jury: no way to impart a law degree in a judicial instruction, nor should they even try. And I don’t know how I’ll sit through a trial. I can’t go to a movie or concert without extreme pain by the end of the session. Either they have better chairs than that or I’m in trouble. Jane’s a little better, but not much.

Sorry to note the passing of David Bowie…

He did some very classy sf.

Second cataract surgery…

Went well. They use only a topical anaesthetic, no needles on the face, but they do give you an IV, and we had some procedural delays. The first patient’s surgery of the morning took just a few minutes longer than expected, then with mine, they decided they didn’t like the lens they were about to use and went after another, and then that confounded weak blood vessel in my eye that has periodically given me a very red (as in glow in the dark) eye during periods of stress, decided to pop, so they gave me some stuff to stop the bleeding, (unrelated to the lens itself)—which means I only have a third of the eye bright red, and not the whole eye dark red, as usually happens. It seemed the doc’s morning was off to a flying start of two unscheduled problems… but they pronounced the actual lens replacement as really good, no problems.

By the time I’d gotten out I was not quite as steady on my feet as on the first one, and I spent the whole day in bed, zoned out on whatever they’d given me. By evening I waked up. Took all my meds on schedule.

Went in this morning for a post-op check, and all is very well. I can see blues well with both eyes for the first time in years, and I have clear vision with both eyes—once the post-op swelling goes down, it will probably be really excellent with both eyes, and I’ll be able to use over-the-counter glasses for reading and computer work. Still a little red-eyed this morning, but no discomfort. Had a little raw feeling yesterday, but that was the drug they administered to slow down the bleed. THis morning that sensitivity’s gone, and I’m feeling good, if still tired…couldn’t have ANYTHING to do with the last-moment push to get that floor done, oh, not at all…

Floor is of course on hold until I get the clearance for heavy work.

But all is well.

We are halfway through the flooring…

Got two bedrooms and the hall between. A 15 foot hall with 6 doorways that had to be carefully fitted.

And because the planks click on in a certain direction, when we got to the end of the first bedroom and entered the second, we had to start from the outer wall and work toward the mate-up with the line extended from the first: we were 1/4″ off, and the fix involved a rope snagging the whole floor and a lot of pulling, to shift the entire composed floor into line. Pix do exist. Jane has them in her camera.

Spent New Year’s Eve installing flooring…

..until we couldn’t see straight. We’ve worn out one saw blade and started on another. We had a dinner of spaghetti and chili and a bottle of bubbly, and did it again today. Tomorrow should be the finish at least of my room. Then we fix the hall.

Jane has posted. :)

Yep. She has.