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a few hardcovers and pbs available from Closed Circle, signed. Latest: Moonlover and the Fountain of Blood, Jane Fancher short story. Chernevog, part 2 of the Rusalka trilogy co-written by CJ and Jane; and Orion's Children, a tetralogy from Lynn. Plus, coming soon: e-books: Yvgenie, and books from Jane.



At Miscon 2013, around Memorial Day, Missoula MT, At SoonerCon, in OKC, around June 15, also Spokon in Spokane, in July/August, Beyond that, we aren't sure.
August 2015
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Thank you all. And Jane’s painting the kitchen.

Thank you all —all very useful discussion. I think it’s going to stay Convergence at least for now. I need something to think of as ‘the book’. I’m making good progress and that deadline looks almost do-able if I can keep my focus during Worldcon—if you see me staring blankly elsewhere, understand that I am probably on the Earth of the atevi and will be back in a few minutes.

Jane is mobilizing to finish the mudroom door installation, the molding, painting, etc. The problem that developed was that our house, hand-built in the tech of the 1950’s, with handmade trim, etc, no pre-framed doors—has a few hand-adjusted elements. Read: the wall is not square side to side or up and down and has a warp in it. The door is pre-hung, which means its box can’t be adjusted to fit this reality, so we (read: Jane) have to adjust the wall, chiseling it flatter here, building it higher there, until we do have a flat, true wall: we’re not worrying about the ceiling and the floor, except that our door has to have a molding that meets the wall without gaps, and it all has to be painted. Then all the hardware has to be put back, and deadbolt locks can be fussy about meeting their strikeplate. Seems to work smoothly now.

The pond is a mess: that’s my job, and I’ve been writing. I’ll fix it soon.

The lotus Jane rescued from the raccoon and replanted is thriving and sending up three buds. Last year it had only two. We plan to snip the pods off so the nasty raccoon doesn’t yank the plants up in the process of getting the edible pods. We may be kind and just lay them on the bank.

It’s been hot and dry. They promise us rain. It looks possible, but not wholly likely, nor likely to be a lot. But it would be welcome. I’ll tell you what would make it rain: if I get out there and chemically balance the pond and get the water clear. Then we’ll get a deluge of not-balanced water.

But in general, things are good.

So what do you think about the title form change?

Be honest. Are people going to figure it out…granted I can keep my production schedule?

New book plotted…

Jane and I took a driving trip to Seattle…and we talked through the outline for the next book. Starting on it today.

Pluto: ice mountains. Water. NOT a featureless cue ball…


The book is in.

Just sent it to my agent.
Just as I finished the file—the computer seized up.

Thank goodness WordPerfect creates a constant backup, and thank goodness Jane is cool-headed at moments I am freakin’ losing it!

We ran a comparewrite to be sure the changes I’d made got in.

I swear, no book ever is complete without a computer issue. Because Jane and I had been trading the file back and forth over the house net, the program got confused. Learning from this, when we’ve been back and forth with a laptop involved, (the lid shutting sends the program into hibernation on the computer—which affects the other computer’s access to that computer for operations) —I am going to do a cold boot before I start work again.

Today—we get a storm door.

And we’re having it installed.
We tried to fix the old one, put in quite a bit of effort painting and fixing, and it gradually just sank out of true and now requires a lever to get it really seated so we can lock it. It’ll be ok for a while, then start deforming again until we can’t close it. Which is a security hazard.

So today—we get a brand new storm door. And we’re not touching a screwdriver, nope, nope, nope. I swear, doors are a pain to install.

Well, after ice and Excedrin…

She does seem to be ok. We’re not so sure about the nail.

But where did I find her when I woke up this morning?

Out with a shovel, revising the area around the rockwork of the lotus pond waterfall-filter, having already pulled every weed in sight and trimmed down the heat-damaged hinoki cypress.

It’s cool and nice out there right now, and evidently she’s on Excedrin.

I hope she’s getting out of it ok.

Jane tried to break her finger…

…worse, it’s her mousing/gaming finger.

That’s how she puts it.

Poor thing was shifting rocks in the rockwork edging, and a big one came down on the end of her right index finger. Really smushed it bloody. She made it into the house, asked for help, just about to pass out. Ice, a sit-down, and some Excedrin (Tylenol combined with aspirin is what the web-meds say, which fits Excedrin Migraine, and just bandage and ice.

So that’s what she’s doing.

She was out there because she had just finished the days-long primary edit on Visitor, and I had just taken over to do the final pass…and smushed her finger, about equivalent to shutting it in a car door. There was blood, there are already bruises, and she is icing it and keeping up the Excedrin. She says it is much better now, but it’s a nasty, nasty whack.

Got the painting done—

They swear the humidity is only 34% at 78 degrees—but glug! I normally don’t sweat,–never have been able to sweat much, not since heat exhaustion (or was the cause of the heat exhaustion) way back at age 7 or 8—and several times since.

You know me—Ms. Can’t-Take-Heat-above-72-Degrees. 78 while crawling around to reach bits of both bridges was a toasty warm, and the bucket hat I wore to try to keep paint off my hair was soaked all around the band—that’s got to be a first in the I-don’t-sweat annals.

But I got the deck of the 12′ bridge and the deck, sides and rails of the 5′ bridge-let out front, and it’s a great improvement. I got it done in a sunny bit around noon, and it fairly sparkles, it’s so bright.

We’re thinking of using the same Japanese red on the moon-gate, which is not real great wood, and could use some protection, though it’s a beautiful object—if we turn out not to like it red, we can always repaint it brown.

One of the reasons we had to get the bridge deck painted is that protect-the-wood idea—we have water, and we don’t want a very difficult-to-replace bridge to fall apart; you don’t want something wooden or metal to fall apart, I guess you paint the daylights out of it every couple of years.

I will say the Lowe’s paint-matching technology is super. We took in a bit of the original bridge scrap, painted and stored, and when I poured the last of the old paint and the first of the new paint into the same paint pan, you couldn’t see a difference, but the weathered red is now a very vivid red… They say they can take a bit of fabric under their color match scanner and deliver you paint to match, and within limits of reflectivity of original—I’d say they can do it.

Yay me, anyway—got a shower, and cooled down with an iced coffee, and the job is done.

Well, I thought I was going to paint the bridges…

It’s clouded up and rainy. Second rainy day this summer, and it’s on the day I intend to do a job postponed from last year. All dressed up in paint clothes, but no go.