New Foreigner Book!


a few hardcovers and pbs available from Closed Circle, signed. Latest: Moonlover and the Fountain of Blood, Jane Fancher short story. Chernevog, part 2 of the Rusalka trilogy co-written by CJ and Jane; and Orion's Children, a tetralogy from Lynn.

Jane and I are hitting our stride with the book

Jane’s done some fast catch-up: one reason for our writing down the history was to pick up the threads of that universe where I’d left them some years back. So now we’re actively working. Jane’s input is invaluable: she started out in the sciences, as she says, counting muons, back in the day; I started out with an interest in astronomy and then drifted into linguistics and archaeology, which entails earth sciences, so we both have useful background; and between us, we’re having a ball finding our ‘viewpoints’ and figuring what they’re up to. The two of us spark ideas off each other and we write alike. Now and again we’re completely unsure which of us wrote a particular passage, simply because we’re back and forth with the editing as well as the writing, and we forget whose idea it was. This is a good thing. And it’s a lot of fun.

Making progress.

We’re officially ready to start writing the actual Alliance Rising book, and along with it, we’re going to put Finity’s End into Closed-Circle. That’s a hundred or so years on…some of the same bunch.

We are ok.

Wind gusts to 50, but not the 100 of the forecasts. Our trees can take 40-50, no great worry.
Tired this morning. Maybe going to get a nap.

More Win 10 joy.

Apparently Win 10, which our desktop is, does not play nicely on housenets with Win 7…it really doesn’t play well with lower levels of Windows, but it doesn’t even talk nicely to 7. It wants a user name (which could be, oh, let us see, computer a, computer b, or some new one specific to the net—3 variables to guess) and a password, which we figure SHOULD match the user name, except that this COULD refer to the target computer, OR the password of the group, or the individual password of the originating computer) another 3 variables. Are we calculating the variables, friends? Plus are we considering the possibility of a keying error in one try or another? Win 10 wants you to link directly, not by housenet, but you’re still stuck. Oh, and if you’ve ever had a housenet created by a ‘dead’ computer, you have to go into REGEDIT and try to kill it from there, but you must do that on every one of, oh, 3-5 machines, some of which are like, printers, with no regedit, and fix it there and get it offline before, at computer speed, it can resurrect that former network, which persists like a movie zombie.

Maddening. We finally have one of ours talking to another, but not talking to the ‘central’ machine of the network…and we still don’t know the answers to all or any of the above. I have NEVER seen such a bollixed-up launch of a product as this, which reaches backward in its history to really screw things up which it is not even supposed to mess with.

Good news from Lynn—

The hurricane developed a second eye as a second storm out in the Atlantic collapsed, then Matthew wobbled off northward, leaving Lynn’s place in good shape. Dodged a real bullet with that one. Apparently the second storm, instead of reinforcing Matthew, siphoned off some of the energy…at least from what I gather from her report from the local weatherfolk.

Big sigh of relief.

All of you in the path of Matthew, take care: life first, property second.

Jane and I are concerned for our partner Lynn Abbey, who is in an area where the eye could pass, if it deviates. She’s battened down and prepared, but this is one heckuva storm.

Think supportive thoughts for all.

Garden prowlers…

Twice now I’ve been awakened between 2-3 am by something in the garden—it’s dark out there, I had the window open, it being a nice night in both occasions, and I heard this eerie chitter-chitter-murble from close by my window.

Well, Sei was interested, but his tail wasn’t bushed; the light by the garage won’t illumine the garden, but I figured we had a four-footed problem and decided light would be a good thing, so I turned on lights in the office and bath, which shine outward and illumine part of the path.

Happened again, 2 nights later.

It had rained. I went out and renewed the anti-critter sprinkles, but it’s a rainy patch of weather. And I got on the internet and looked up ‘raccoon sounds’ with the intent to look up ‘skunk sounds’ if that wasn’t it. Bingo on the first try. Raccoon. The pond is much overgrown about the edge, which we intended as a raccoon deterrent, and the lily pads likewise are protection, but the surface water is still warm enough in this transition of the seasons that the koi lounge near the shore at night. Worrisome.

I decided, hmmn, wonder if there’s a lantern that’s also a spooklight. So I searched for same, and turned up a lantern designed as a perimeter alarm, to protect campsites against straying children outbound and straying bears inbound. I got one, set it up. It has modes for mild light, strong light, strong light on motion detector for 15 minutes, and strong light with screaming alarm. In consideration of our neighbors and because the police have better things to do, I chose the silent spooklight mode, and set it up. We shall see. It has a 35 foot range, and is moderately weatherproof. I set it in the side entry to the garage, which is somewhat sheltered by the clematis, and let it be. It continues rainy, and we did not have any incident last night.

I’m aware that they can be nippy if cornered and are a rabies hazard. Firearms in the city are a no-no for very good reasons, besides the risk to garden decor. I might risk the literal 10 foot (bamboo) pole of which we have several, but I really had rather just scare the raccoons off (I’m pretty sure there are at least two, or it’s crazy and talking to itself)… We’ve also seen tracks the size of a larger monkey’s, so I imagine mama at least is the size of a bushel basket or more. Wish me luck with the spooklight approach—they’re kind of spendy, but cheaper than buying canisters of coyote urine—those coyotes don’t work cheap! and it washes away in the rain.

Hurricane Matthew looks to be quite serious…

Hoping any and all of you in the affected zones take care and follow the advisories.

More dental work—really dumb today….

Just a little dim-witted today; way too many deadening shots. Gaah.

About bees…

bees have feelings too…