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September 2014
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It’s improving…I think…slowly…

Last night was the pits. I’ve had bursitis and broken bones, and I would say the pain level on this one is about that of the broken arm. Kinda gets to you. Last night I opened the spice cabinet, got caught in a cascade of bottles, stepped back, and yes, that hurt. I kept trying to put the bottles up, and the bottles kept falling, and Jane came in to take over, thank goodness. I’ve tried to do a bit about the place, but that was the absolute pits, and I had to admit I needed to go sit and stay there. 2 AM, it lit up again, along with a case of heartburn, and I spent two miserable hours trying to ice it down to quiescence and not have to take Advil.

Today has been much better. I have gotten through most of the day with out Advil and without a lot of the pain…Jane’s spent the day picking up, bless her, and doing the bit of yard work that needed doing, and now she’s fixing dinner. I am not lifting a finger. I’ve taken 2 Advil, hoping for an evening when I can do a little gaming and get to bed for some sleep.

Poor me, poor me, chorus of moans and violins. But da-amn! this has been miserable!

We didn’t get the aurora, either. Bummer.

But—over all—doing pretty well. We’re now settled in for a swiftly-approaching fall, and the waterlily is slowing down on its blooms, with increasingly cool water in the pond.

I want so badly to get to work on this book. But one thing about writing—you can do it lying abed with chicken soup.

Aurora possible tonight in northern states…

I was so full of painkillers yesterday I didn’t note the date. Maybe tonight, weather depending.

1127 e-mails in the box…

I tell you, painkillers for a few days and the mail just keeps coming. I think I have it all handled.

Disappointed this morning that the knee’s still touchy. Had to start the day with Advil, and I don’t like to write when I have anything in my system. Bummer!

We went out and looked for the aurora last night but that mean old flare must’ve missed us—we didn’t get a thing.

I do pretty good with this knee during the day, but boy, standing on my feet to cook (which I love doing) sets me up for an evening of pain, serious pain. I don’t know how I got through the conventions with it, but then I was on a LOT of Advil. It’s weird: it’d get to hurting so my eyes would just start watering—streaming down my face, but I wasn’t as aware of specific pain as I am right now, with the bad spot down to one. Weird. I collect weird human reactions, and this is certainly one.

I think I’m going to send Jane out after a few cans of Bavarian sauerkraut and we’ll have some of that nice kielbasa we picked up at Costco.

Am I rambling a bit? I think it’s the Advil. Jane’s got to clean the pond filter. I sure can’t. Jane’s gotten stuck with ALL the work before and during and after Shejicon, so I’m feeling like Camille, lying grandly abed, being dramatic. But ah, well, the rest of the injury is healing fine. Swelling’s way diminished. Just that one pesky spot that can light up in neon…

The steroid’s kind of kicking in—way painful last night…overdid it…but..

Today I’m down to one Advil, being cautious, but not having pain. I was clear-headed enough to actually gather up my notes and write the opening paragraphs of the next book.

I ought to get out there and wash out some pond filters–but that might be pushing it.

Way better than Sunday, I’ll tell you!

Went to the doc and the news is better than feared…

What I managed to do is aggravate the knee mightily…first annoyed it in one direction, in a mistep, then the other, in a subsequent near fall two days later, and x-rays are duly taken and made clear. Probably a good thing I got rid of the old Reebok sandals that allowed the ankle to pitch in—the cartilage is wearing on that side. Now I am resting weight in a better way, with orthotic shoes and sandals. But the tendons were strained in the first sprain, then reinjured, and I have fluid where fluid doesn’t belong, in the bursas (small pockets) that attend the several tendons, as best I get it. So tendons are not torn from their attachments, but they (and nerves) are being pressed upon by a lot of swelling and fluid retention. This creates the pain. I also have a little arthritis, but nothing serious. The short-term cure? Ice, Nsaids, exercises, and today a nice shot into the cavity of the knee to try to move out the fluid. Nice long needle, but it sounds much worse than it was: microfine needles don’t really hurt. Well, not until they get where they’re going—then the sky kind of lights up purple for a couple of seconds, but it’s more pyrotechnics than pain.

Anyway, when you have that kind of thing done you get a bit of an adrenaline buzz, so I’m not worth much today, but the pain is lessened (ice and the numbing portion of the shot) and they say a couple of weeks more and this should be all better.

Thanks to those who’ve expressed concern. I think we’re onto it and it doesn’t look like surgery unless I do something massively stupid.

Shejicon I hope was a success: wish everybody a safe trip…

Had a quiet good time. Thank you for the wonderful gift. I know many contributed who weren’t able to be there. I’m so happy to have it. It’s going to have a place of honor in ultimate arranging. And thank you all, those who could attend and those who couldn’t make it. We’ll do this again sometime, if interest is there.

Jane got the drapes finished….they’re really spiff.

And Seishi is feeling better. Still not asking him to eat regular food, but he’s certainly not seeming out of sorts.

Took Seishi back to the vet.

Diagnosis: tonsilitis. Why, except it’s allergy season, I have no idea. But I could tell the point at which he starts to gag on kibble is pretty well the point at which the food reaches the back of his jaw. So they x-rayed him for stray string or sewing needles—a possibility in this house—and negative on that. The tonsils, however—merited an injected antibiotic, and some painkiller I can give him via needle-less syringe every 12 hours.

He’s already feeling much better, doing his usual head-butting of my computer screen, and acting happy. Shu is hissing and spitting at him because he smells like the hospital.

My own leg got through last night’s climbing up and down the boat stairs to the top (I will eat out on the deck even when it’s raining, but the rain held off, and we had a lovely party…managed to coordinate Tim & Cheryl, Randy & Char, all of local fandom, and Patty & Mike Briggs, all on the same sailing, all made it through traffic —we squeaked in last!—and stuffed ourselves. Really good feed, and one dinner in which there’s not one single dish with onion! But I had to go upstairs and down with food and drink, and I was really stiff — didn’t sleep much because I knew I had to get Seishi in at 8:15 and I was afraid to take a pain med lest I oversleep.

And I was worried, of course, about Seishi. It was raining—at least it missed the party last night. And of course by the time I brought Seishi back, the sprinkler system was going, and soaked me—he was in his carrier.

But over all, not so bad a thing.

Doing the birthday thing today—haven’t done a lick of actual work…

…except helping Jane with the drapes. Which she’s freehanding. WHich are going to look good.

Headed out for free birthday steak at the Swinging Door.

Maybe dessert. ;)

had a kitteh scare…

Seishi had a real 24 hour bout with nausea. This being (of course) Saturday we had to hale him forthwith into the vet’s before closing (at noon) and get him checked out. They think it’s just hairballs, and just shot him full of kitteh Exlax and fluids and sent him home. We’re going to be keeping an eye on him. He’s 3 years old and has a bad habit of scarfing down anything remotely resembling string, which is a very bad kitteh habit.

I was up half the night with the poor lad. Now he’s not real happy, but the vet says he has no fever, no sign of any blockage, just, we think, a real unhappy gut.