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a few hardcovers and pbs available from Closed Circle, signed. Latest: Moonlover and the Fountain of Blood, Jane Fancher short story. Chernevog, part 2 of the Rusalka trilogy co-written by CJ and Jane; and Orion's Children, a tetralogy from Lynn.



Miscon in Missoula MT in May or June, often Radcon in the Tricities of WA. Spocon in Spokane WA,
October 2015
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Closed Circle site somewhat screwed by upgrades and …

Jane and I are both under the weather and too tired to fix it yet. Be patient with us.

Well, Jane and I have been down sick since Worldcon…

But by golly, I was determined to get well for my birthday. Which it is.
We’re celebrating a quiet one, and going out for the free steak you get on birthdays at Swinging Door, and that will do nicely.

Feeling well enough today we went out to breakfast at Waffles Plus, but came back and collapsed…still minimal energy.

But we so enjoyed seeing everybody. The skies are FINALLY blue, and the air is good and the pond is clear…of course, now that it’s just us.

Thanks to all for everything.

The writing’s going well…and we’re just about caught up, but Lord! we have to hose down the patio table and all: the combined dust and soot has left an incredible coating on everything.

I think the fish are using the bubble as a taxi…

It goes from one side of the pond to the other and I can’t id any current that’s moving it. I can’t catch them at it, but Ari is not afraid of it, and she could certainly nudge it over.

Officially—we’re both down with sinus infections. But at least the air is much nicer.

I hate sinus infections. I really like breathing.

I have a feeling docs all over town are swamped, half a million people in Spokane area and all of them with respiratory distress. On the other hand, there are going to be those who have a lot more need of a doctor’s time than I do. This stuff seems to run a course, and I’ve kind of hit the trough, after which it improves.

I think Jane had it first, and I’m running about two days behind her. WHich gives me hope that I’ll be past the nasty part of this for my birthday. I’d really like to do the lake cruise, but I’d also like friends to go with us, and I’d rather not pass this on to the whole boatful of people. Jane’s able to go to the store this morning—I bought two packages of salad on Friday which turned out spoiled on Saturday—I have a feeling the delivery truck got overheated and cooked everything. So it’s salads, eh?

It’s so nice to look out on a rainy pond.

No rain yet; splitting headache…which indicates the pressure change is coming…

They say it should get here around 11 am, and that’s never varied. But they only forecast a tenth of an inch. They always forecast a tenth of an inch in WA. No matter what actually falls. But they call for it to hang around continuing to rain tenths.

Hallelujah — it’s sprinkling. Only a few drops, but it sure beats smoke!

The rain isn’t supposed to get here til tomorrow, but I’ve had a little headache, which often says front coming in. There are drops hitting the pond.

The fishes have been investigating the dome, but catching them on film…

Not so easy.
The water up there may be warmer than they like, but we’ll see one swim up, then dive. The magnification makes Ari look like a wild-eyed horse…

I think it’s a success! We’ve been too sick and the weather’s been too nasty, but they’re not needing baiting to get up and check it out. Koi have a bump of curiosity.

All quiet on the home front…

Both of us are suffering from the fires, which are still going on, though not as thick smoke as before, just a general haze. Sore throats, up high, back of the nose. I spent yesterday in bed, rare for me, even if I am sick—I just slept and lay there staring at the telly, not even wanting to eat, mostly…I’d eaten way too much on Monday.

But over all, it was a great time. And I’m up and about today. We had ordered a small rollabout cabinet for the kitchen, and that had come, so Jane was happily putting that together. It will help us keep things more orderly, as in—more cabinets to help us clear the counters of things that need to be in shelves. And it moves, which helps us reconfigure our (very) shotgun (narrow) kitchen to suit the task.

And while the sky is kind of murky yellow-grey this morning, there IS rain coming this weekend, which will help end this mess, I sincerely hope.

We had a great time. Thank you very much for the fishy dome—we need to rig a feeder pipe we can use to bait it to get all of the rascals in, but they are one by one exploring it. We just haven’t caught them with a camera yet.

It’s back to work, now, with confidence we can get this book finished, and with good ideas oncoming. We had a nice visit with our publishers, and they’re on board with our ideas, and we’re happy.

So back to work! Everyone’s home and safe, and all’s well with the world!

Shejicon V is merging slowly into Sasquan…we had a parting breakfast…

And wished some safe journey, some happy convention, and we are collapsing at home.

Our only regret is that the weather is absolutely beastly—half of WA caught fire, it seems, and a lot of folk up by Twisp and elsewhere have terribly bad situations, smoke is a constant pall, making people react and cough and burning sensitive eyes; last night a piece of ash fell at the Pirate Banquet, either my cooking or something wafted on high winds. The sky looks like MZB’s Darkover, the true Bloody Sun, with apricot skies: it still heats, strange though it seems. And we thought it might rain Friday, but that forecast is up in smoke, (pardon me), and we’re forecast for 25 mph winds and thick blowing dust mingled in smoke.

We are pretty sure we can get the beautiful fish dome to work, but right now the constant falling ash which makes the pond just murky green (carbon is a nutrient for unwanted stuff) —so we have just thrown up our hands given the conditions out there and said we will get it to work when we can see the bottom. It is glorious—should be wonderful, but we need to see what we’re doing.

Jane and I’ll be at Sasquan on Friday: that will be our convention day. Beyond that, I think we’re just going to rest and write until about Monday, when my publisher becomes our guest…we have had our quiet dinner for 25 or so…it’s a wonder our little house can manage it, but we did—and thanks to the wonderful help of people who, while being guests, pitched right in and carried chairs, moved tables, hung decorations, and helped us wash dishes, pull weeds, and ran pans between the grill and the house. We caught nothing on fire, which goodness knows we don’t need. And overall we are in better shape than we were going into it all. Shejicon people are wonderful. In a perfect world we’d all be close neighbors…and the sky would not have smoke in it.

Major thanks to the people who’ve shown up to help…

Shejicon is now in progress, and very kind attendees have come over and helped us move things, sweep things, weed, toss, and what-not, so that we look respectable over here…When we’re on a tight writing schedule, things do get out of hand, because there’s just no energy left, and now we’re spit-n-polish, well, at least—moderately polished.
Went to Tomato Street last night, ate too much, and had a good time.